Beneficial blogging for boom-bappers in bedrooms

The start of a conversation


In the beginning, there was nothing…”

When I began my pursuit of music production all I had was a midi controller, a demo of FL Studio, and my love of music at my disposal. I had no limitations, no pressure, nobody telling me what I couldn’t do, but also nobody telling me what I should do.

While the internet is full of great tutorials for understanding software and hardware, they all cover the “how” of music; they never cover the “who, what, where, when, and why‘s” of music. With this blog, I hope to explore these concepts and provide a guild for music producers like me; the ones who produce as a hobby, without a budget.

So who am I?

I produce music under my alias, Misadventure!

My real name, however, is Daniel Snider. 

I am very new to the idea of blogging and this is the first blog I have ever done, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with anyone who is interested to read them! While this blog is technically an assignment in my program, I do have plans to make it my own as much as I am able to.

So, blogs?

I don’t want to write a book. I like quick and easy information. It’s amazing how much information can be conveyed in 200-400 words. For this reason, blogs felt like the natural fit for me.

I like the no-nonsenseness of blogging, with short sentences and paragraphs making it easier to read and understand. No clutter, no frills, just raw information.

With my blogs, I aim to post my opinions once a week as a sort of guild for newcomers to music production. The posts will range from advertising advice, to choosing what equipment is worth investing in. Basically, everything I didn’t know when I was starting out.

If you, the reader, have any pressing topics you want me to write on, please let me know, I would be happy to give my insights and help in any way I can!

Happy creating!


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