Beneficial blogging for boom-bappers in bedrooms

The start of a conversation


In the beginning, there was nothing…”

When I began my pursuit of music production all I had was a midi controller, a demo of FL Studio, and my love of music at my disposal. I had no limitations, no pressure, nobody telling me what I couldn’t do, but also nobody telling me what I should do.

While the internet is full of great tutorials for understanding software and hardware, they all cover the “how” of music; they never cover the “who, what, where, when, and why‘s” of music. With this blog, I hope to explore these concepts and provide a guild for music producers like me; the ones who produce as a hobby, without a budget.

So who am I?

I produce music under my alias, Misadventure!

My real name, however, is Daniel Snider. 

I am very new to the idea of blogging and this is the first blog I have ever done, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with anyone who is interested to read them! While this blog is technically an assignment in my program, I do have plans to make it my own as much as I am able to.

So, blogs?

I don’t want to write a book. I like quick and easy information. It’s amazing how much information can be conveyed in 200-400 words. For this reason, blogs felt like the natural fit for me.

I like the no-nonsenseness of blogging, with short sentences and paragraphs making it easier to read and understand. No clutter, no frills, just raw information.

With my blogs, I aim to post my opinions once a week as a sort of guild for newcomers to music production. The posts will range from advertising advice, to choosing what equipment is worth investing in. Basically, everything I didn’t know when I was starting out.

If you, the reader, have any pressing topics you want me to write on, please let me know, I would be happy to give my insights and help in any way I can!

Happy creating!



Fax Machines: the future of music promotion.

Why social media is DEAD for music marketing (and why email works)

Today I read this article.

What the heck.
The last time I heard email regarded as “the future” or as an “innovation“, it was around the nineties, before I was born.


Freakin’ Email.

Maybe they are right.

In the world of over saturation in the music scene, It can be next to impossible to reach people in a meaningful way, and with the slow and painful death of soundcloud, reaching people with your music is getting harder and harder.

Where we check daily for deals, and to see which classes are cancelled, maybe Email is the next reasonable step!email-music-buy-rap-beats